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User Name Mazza10
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User Name Beverley
Sitters Available States NSW
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Sydney
Sitter is Available From 29/11/2017
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please My husband and I have sold our house and we expect to move into our new home in around August 2018. We have a 21year old son who is studying at University and a 7 year old labrador. My husband is retired and I work full time.We have always owned our homes and we are very house proud.
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User Name Fabivan
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User Name priy_esha
Sitters Available States VIC
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Narre Warren South
Sitter is Available From 14/03/2018
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please I'm a young professional. Very responsible, with previous home sitting experience.

I work in the CBD within the financial and legal industries. I'm also a part time law student.

I have grown up with dogs and feel comfortable walking, feeding and looking after pets.

I'm currently looking to house with the city or inner suburbs.
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User Name Sally-h
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Sitters Available States NSW, QLD
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Byron Bay - Pottsville - Kingscliff - Sawtell - Hervey Bay - Rainbow Beach
Sitter is Available From 14/03/2018
Sitter Currently Booked To 12/03/2018
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please Hi

We are aged 68 and 70 - Non smokers - non drinker, except for maybe a wine with dinner of an evening. We have a small Poddle called “ Baxter”, who is very quite and kept clean as well as regularly medictated for fleas, ticks and worms. We love gardening. My Husband has a mechanical background, as well as a home handyman. We live at the Sunshine Coast, which is wonderful, but would like a change of scenery now and then.
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User Name GypsyJo
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User Name ub010316
Sitters Available States NSW, QLD, WA, SA
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Melborne, Sidney,Brisbain, Townsville, Cairns
Sitter is Available From 20/03/2018
Sitter Currently Booked To 20/01/2018
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please We are a retired - but active - German / English couple 65+, former Engineer and University Lecturer. Our two wonderful grown up children decided to live and work in WA since a few years now. That's why we sold our house in Germany and came over here to be closer to them.
We love to travel to various places within Australia, especially to the NSW, Queensland Sunshine Coast and other warm areas.
We have done some housesitting before in Europe as well as here in WA.
We are a non smoking, clean, friendly, reliable and caring couple and would love to look after your home, garden, pool and pets as if they were our own.
Also we are handy and practical and love animals, specially dogs and cats.
Reference would be available from previous housesits.

For a first "Get to know" we could offer to skype with each other. We are a friendly and very responsible, reliable and caring couple.
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User Name Pamgaztravels
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User Name DRose66
Sitters Available States NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA, TAS
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Perth
Sitter is Available From 21/09/2017
Sitter Currently Booked To 20/09/2017
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please Hi I am embarking on a trip around Australia and have somehow fallen into housesitting jobs which I'm really enjoying. I can provide references and police check. I am a vibrant 50 year old and love animals. To date I have looked after a farm with dogs, chickens and birds and now I am fur sitting 2 beautiful cats. It's just me so no add ons. I don't drink or smoke and enjoy quiet time. Please give me a call ?
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User Name Amanda+Matthew
Sitters Available States NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, WA, SA, NT, TAS
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please We are a young married couple (30 & 38), who enjoy travelling, mainly in Australia at the moment. I currently work in marketing, while my Husband currently works in Aged Care. We love animals, reading and going out and exploring our local area, as well as exploring further afield also. We enjoying a variety of different sports, such as rugby league, cricket, and soccer to name a few. We are non-smokers.
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User Name ParooJim
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User Name Kaizacjay3
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User Name Damaris
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User Name Miamakes3
Sitters Available States QLD
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Cairns, Townsville
Sitter is Available From 30/10/2017
Sitter Currently Booked To 29/10/2017
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please Miamakes3
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Maria J M
User Name Maria J M
Sitters Available States NSW
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas eastern suburbs
Sitter is Available From 15/07/2018
Sitter Currently Booked To 30/09/2018
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please I am 41 years young working at Mascot I work 5-6 days a week and I'm single. I would like to house sit close to work and I thought I would try something different. I'm tidy I like animals.
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User Name hjgrant
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User Name Kris10harvey
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User Name Bill70
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User Name Fothers
Sitters Available States NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, WA, SA, NT, TAS
Sitter Preferred Regions/Towns/Areas Claremont
Sitter is Available From 08/01/2018
My Sitter's Message:No email or phone details here please Dear Home Owner

Thank you for looking at our profile, we are sure that our credentials will be 100% satisfactory and hope that we are successful in our application to look after your home and possessions.

We are a mature couple, Bob is 64 (a very active a keen golfer and avid sports enthusiast) while Melanie is a 59 year old lady who has her worked from her own hairdressing salon at home and is a workaholic.

We both have typical A type personalities.

Our careers:
Bob was in banking for all of 33 years having worked in Australia, London, New York and more recently Hong Kong.
Melanie has been in sales and marketing, hospitality and of course my passion has always been hairdressing.

We are keen home makers, our home being well maintained and cared for, it is a place of peace and comfort - please see pictures attached.

Melanie, grew up with dog breeders who showed their German Shepard's and Keeshond's nationwide, therefore adept at caring for and loving pets! We also had horses as children although not at home, they were stabled elsewhere.

We do most of our home maintenance ourselves, we will do as much for you as we possibly can.

Neither of us have criminal records and are financially solvent

Current Home Status
We live in Cape Town, RSA. You may immediately wonder why we want to leave South Africa and return to Australia? First and foremost it's Bobs native land, secondly, we are very concerned about the political situation in South Africa and thirdly, our son, daughter in law and grandchildren do want to relocate for the same reasons. Possibly Australia, UK or France. (She is French and a Medical Neuro-Scientist)

We do have 2 pets, Donovan a 17,5 year old domestic long hair. He is a very quiet boy nowadays and spends most of his time in his basket sleeping. Teddy is a Norwegian Forest Cat and is 15,5 years old, apart from being arthritic he is also in good health. Both boys were neutered as kittens and are home cats, they do not scratch or litter and are bathed once every month. (we hope this will not be a barrier to looking after your home as any pet lover knows, they are an integral part of our family and deserve to live their lives out with love and care).

Trusting that our profile will suit your requirements and looking forward to a successful Skype or FaceTime interview.

Best Regards

Bob and Mel