How to become a House Sitter in 10 easy steps


Use the following steps for the best outcomes.

 Step 1: References

Get your references and police checks up to date.

Step 2: Join one or more websites

Join one or more house sitting websites.  By joining more than one site you obviously increase the chances of getting asignments and you may also have more choice. 

Step 3: Write your personal message


Check out how others are presenting themselves in their profiles. When writing your profile try to stand out from the crowd by giving interesting information about yourself so that prospective house owners will feel confident enough to contact you. Don't forget to mention that you have references etc available on request. Some sites will allow you to upload a video as well. Above all be honest and sincere in your message.

Step 4: Take charge

Being proactive is the key to success so don't just sit back and expect the jobs to flow in. House sitting jobs come and go fairly quickly so it pays to check for new ones regularly if not daily. There are more housesitters than jobs so they normally are snapped up quickly particularly in the more sort after areas.

Step 5: Be flexible

Not all assignments will completely suit so be prepaired to compromise. Plan in advance and look for assignments, perhaps a few months or even 6 months out.

Step 6: Be prepared for the interview

Once you have made contact with a prospective house owner they will probably want to either meet up if you are local or contact via phone or Skype. Ensure that you have all the answers to their questions by thinking what you would be asking if you were about to entrust your home and/or pets to a stranger.

Step 7: The agreement


Consider using a House Sitting Agreement. It can save missunderstandings if things are documented as to what is expected of each party. An agreement can be downloaded from this site.

Step 8: Plan for an early arrival

Plan on arriving a day earlier than the owner's departure (if you have not yet met) so the you can be shown what is required, how thing work and get to know the pets and their requirements.

Step 9: Ensure that you are given all contact numbers

You need to get a list of contacts for any eventuality. The owners, hospital, ambulance,doctor, vet, police, neighbours etc. Hopefully all will go well but just incase you should be provided with all necessary info. 

Step 10: Just chill

If you are persistant the jobs will come, trust me thumb up smiley