How does the Australian House Sitter web site work?


General information for the Australian House Sitter website

To access this website you must first register either as a House Sitter or House Owner. There are no costs for the House Owner however there is a registration fee for the House Sitter. Click here for our current fees. After completing the registration form and the payment procedure if you are a house sitter, an email will be sent to your nominated email address for you to confirm that you are the owner of that email address by clicking on the confirmation link in the email.

Once registered as a House Owner or a House Sitter member you can login using your username and password to access the listings and contact the members who may suit your needs.

The Australian House Sitter website is a service site only for the use of House Sitters and House Owners to view the listings and contact members who best suit their needs. We do not become involved in selecting or recommending members in any way. It is completely up to the members to initiate contact between themselves and to check and ensure that all their requirements are met before going ahead with any meetings and/or house sitting arrangements.

To get the best out of your listing it is advisable, as a sitter, to write an interesting and genuine Sitter's Message which gives the reader as much information about yourself and your suitability for looking after their property and/or pets. Similarly, as a House Owner, describe the property, its location and your requirements of the sitter. Upload a photo as a way to stand out from the rest. Check out what others are saying in their listings for ideas and regularly review your listing and adjust it if you are not getting responses.

House Sitters be aware that a lot of Home Owners prefer to browse the listings rather than list themselves so your message is very important in attracting their attention.

Why Australian House Sitter?

Our service is completely free to House Owners and for House Sitters our rates are considerably lower than most of the others, allowing you to peruse the listings.

Your listing works for you 24/7.

For any further information that is not already answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section please use the "Email Us" link on the main menu and we will endeavor to answer your questions as soon as possible.